Save for a home.
We’ll match it.

0.75% APY FDIC-Insured Savings


$1,000 HomeCash™ Match

Everything you need to save for a home. $1,000 HomeCash. 0.75% APY FDIC-Insured HomeFund. Set goals. Stay on track. Build credit. All in the app.

Get an extra $200 HomeCash™ when you sign up today.

You save.


We match it.

For every dollar you deposit into your savings, we’ll give you a dollar in HomeCash™.

How it works.

Save $1. Get $1. We’ll match your home savings with up to $1,000 HomeCash™. Then, all of the HomeCash™ you’ve earned goes toward your total amount due at closing.


Make deposit.

Moving money to your account is as easy as swipe, tap, done.


Get matched.

We’ll instantly credit your HomeCash™ balance.


Meet goal.

Set a goal and we’ll help keep you on track to meet it.


Buy home.

Just one tap in the app to get your home loan started.

Everything you need to save for a home—all in the app.

FDIC-Insured Savings

Save with HomeFund™

It's the place to save, specifically for your home. While you're earning HomeCash on each deposit, your HomeFund is building long-term interest. It all adds up to saving for—and buying—a home faster.

Lower app tracking your savings goals
Goal Tracking

Set goal.
Build savings. Celebrate.

Tell us how much you want to save, and we’ll do the rest. Set goal. Get reminders. See your savings grow. We’re here to show you the way to buying your home.

Home Financing

Shop the latest. Get rates.

You're saving like a champ and earning HomeCash. While your HomeFund grows, check here to keep an eye on rates. Once you've met your saving goal, your loan advisor is just one click away.


Above market avg.
Below market avg.


Talking through an expert through the Lower app
Credit Monitoring

Be dream-home ready.

The better your credit score, the better your interest rate. Track your score while you save and get in the right position to buy that dream home. When you’re ready to buy, we’re ready to make it happen.

Save. Match. Done.

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